Two books in one...

Read Through the Eyes of the Bullied,

then flip the book over to read a

different, yet important perspective,

Through the Eyes of the Bullier.

You Hurt, I Hurt: Understanding Bullying Through

 the Eyes of the Bullied & Bullier

Written By Dana Kaspereen and Jennifer Tursi

Illustrated by Stacy BoberExternal link opens in new tab or window 

This book is designed for children in 1st through 3rd grades, roughly 6-8 years of age. This age group is the primary audience for our book because these are formative years for developing empathy and teaching appropriate social behavior. The goals of this book are to assist children with understanding various types of bullying, root causes of bullying, offer interactive strategies to enhance social emotional development and develop coping skills. This book is diverse in application since it can be used by an individual child or as a resource supplement to school curricula. The book is distinctive from other bullying books on the current market because it teaches about the emotional perspectives of both the bully and the bullied. The book has both storybook elements and interactive workbook components, such as giving the reader an opportunity to create a safety network of trusted adults, to enhance learning of these perspectives.

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Purpose of a Princess

Written by Dana Guidicipietro

Illustrated by Emily Berkow

Purpose of a Princess is a children's book to remind girls that beauty comes from the person you are inside and the way you make others feel. This book helps princess lovers to come more self awareness and build their self esteem. This book is a fun way to walk through situations and have positive outcomes by having compassion and kindness.