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“I Hurt, You Hurt,” – Bullying Education Program for Teachers , Counselors & Staff Members

What constitutes bullying?  How do we know when behaviors cross the line and become bullying?  How do we handle a bullying situation in the classroom?  What is proper reporting protocol?  These questions and many others will be answered during a new one-hour presentation, “I Hurt, You Hurt.”   Teachers and staff will be taught how best to address this topic with their students. The program is appropriate for teachers at the elementary, middle,  or high school levels.  

Accompanying workbook for elementary school students.

 Available at an additional cost here.

“I Hurt, You Hurt,” is designed to inform and educate teachers & staff of the circumstances surrounding bullying, the warning signs of bullying, and how to intervene when a bullying situation occurs.  Education and awareness are the first lines of defense in preventing bullying.  Staff will be made aware of what environments may be potential risk factors and how to correct them. “I Hurt, You Hurt” contains the HIB content required by N.J.S.A. 18A and PA Act 61 mandating education about bullying for school administrators and staff.

“I Hurt, You Hurt” Bullying Program Counselor Assist

This book was created to be helpful, but it can also be very emotional and difficult at times. For readers who have been bullied or are bullying others, this is a time to reflect and observe their own behaviors. We offer a program for a licensed counselor to join your school and read the book with the children while processing and engaging in conversations. This program is designed to fit the needs of your school as well as the needs of the students.


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